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Q. None of the remotes are working?

Ans. A possible reason will be someone accidentally pressed the lock button on the wall control. You can press the lock button for 5 secs and release, it should unlock all the remotes. If this does not solve the issue than another remedy is to restart the Door opener counting 10 seconds. Once the opener restarts it should work in normal mode.

Q. Door not opening after power outage?

Ans. When there is a power outage or fluctuation the Gravity opener goes in standby mode to avoid damage to the electrical system. The remedy for this is very simple, you need to turn off the garage power circuit breaker for 10 secs and Turn on. This should bring back the opener in normal working mode.

Q. My garage door reverses when I use the remote? 

Ans. Check if something is blocking the infrared beam between the safety sensors on either side of the door, the garage door reverses as a safety precaution. Remove anything in the path of the infrared beam. Some times direct sun light hitting a sensor can also prevent the door from shutting. Try to install some shield to avoid direct sunlight from hitting the sensors. If nothing is blocking the beam, check the sensors alignment and aim them directly at each other. If the door still reverses, check the wires connecting the safety sensors to the motor unit on the garage door opener.

Q. How do i open my garage door during during power outage?

Ans. The garage door opener has an emergency release cord attached to the trolley. Pull the cord to release the trolley from the garage door. You can then open and close the garage door manually.

Q. Can I program more than one garage door on my remote?

Ans. You can program each of the remote’s three buttons to open a different garage door. You’ll need to choose a new button for each garage door opener.

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